About Gmyr Guitars

About Walt (Butch) Gmyr – Founder of GMYR Guitars

Since I started playing guitar in 1956, I have had the opportunity to either play or own all of the instruments that guitar and bass guitar players revere today. In 1977, I started designing and building my own instruments, with a clear focus on making quality, specialty-design instruments capable of providing consistent, reliable tone and playability, night after night, for professional artists like yourself.

Every Gmyr Guitar that we make for you starts with dialogue to understand exactly what you have in mind for your ideal instrument. This includes a conversation with us to prepare your desired components, body, neck and headstock design, electronic component and pick-up features and your desired finish. Our commitment is to consistently deliver what you as the musician consider important in achieving that particular tone, sustain and playability that you’ve been seeking, while providing the appearance and finish aesthetics that make you proud to have this instrument in your hands and on the stage.

We also have some examples of instruments that have already been manufactured. See link to our Gallery page and ask if the one you like is available.

All Gmyr Guitars are made in the USA.

We also provide multi-lingual support to our European customers through our partner Sherman Engineering, in Switzerland. We ship worldwide.

Our Guarantee

Gmyr Guitars sincerely thanks you for your purchase. The instrument you have purchased has been designed and manufactured to be your personal focal point for the optimum in musical expression. We are dedicated to providing a unique instrument, assembled with the highest quality parts available at the time of manufacture of your instrument. Our designs reflect years of experience in personal and professional use and the design and construction of similar instruments for ourselves and other musicians; that is, those who are also in search of a personal defining edge for tone, balance and feel, which helps them to most effectively communicate the musical message they wish to convey through their instrument.

We guarantee our instruments for proper functionality of all electronics and mechanical components for five years. We will replace defective electronic and mechanical components free of charge (excluding shipping) when your instrument is returned to us within the five-year component warranty period. The neck and body are guaranteed for as long as the original purchaser owns the instrument. Please send us an e-mail or use the website to contact us, so that we may register your purchase as part of the warranty registration process.

We thank you again for your purchase and wish you many years of enjoyment and success with your new instrument. Please share your comments on our Facebook page.

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