All of the instruments on this page are available for custom order according to your individual specifications. Contact us to get started with your personal custom-made instrument.

The Vio Paul

24.75 scale, 22 frets, Rosewood fingerboard, Mahogany neck, Gmyr hook in fixed bridge. Sperzel tuners. Flame maple top, mahogany back Buyers p/u choice.

The Cathedral

2 piece acrylic body, 30 fret flame maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Gmyr design inlays. Sperzel tuners, Duncan Invader pickup mounted from rear of body, Gmyr special design fixed bridge for this design.

Nautilus 3

Spalted figured maple top with mahogany back. 2 pickups, Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bridge of black anodized T6 aluminum with Titanium saddles, Flame maple neck, Gmyr inlays. Sperzel tuners.

Barbalien 4SC Bass

Short scale 4 string bass. 30 inch scale, 25 bronze frets, 2 jazz style p/u’s, Gmyr design brass bridge. One volume, one tone control, 3 position switch. Flame maple body, Mahogany back, flame maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard and Gmyr inlays.

Blue Sky

With the engine turned aluminum pickguard; the silver lining in the cloud. This guitar features the Alumatone Lace pickups, and the Supremelo bridge i designed. Maple neck with 22 fret rosewood fingerboard 25.5 scale

The Strategy

Flame maple neck, 2 piece, fingerboard and neck are 2 separate pieces) swamp ash body with desert burst finish, engine turned aluminum pickguard. Rail hammer Billy Corgan bridge pickup, 2 alnico 5 single coils. Supremelo bridge. Sperzel safety post tuners.

The Nautilus

25.5 scale 24 Fret carved arch-top figured mahogany body, available in one piece, 2 piece or 3 piece laminates. 2 humbucking blade pickups. Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bridge.

The Vector 2

2 pickups, 24 frets, Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bridge. Lightning bolt pickguard of machined aluminum

Nautilus 1

Highly figured mahogany body, 24 fret mahogany neck, dot inlays


Flame maple body, with sapele mahogany back, Supremelo bridge, Gmyr inlays in rosewood fingerboard, 24 bronze frets flame maple neck, JBE pickups. Sperzel tuners. 25.5 scale


Acrylic body, 2 pickups, 24 frets, Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bridge

The Elfish

27 inch scale, 30 bronze frets, one pickup, Gmyr bell bronze bridge with Titanium saddles, fully adjustable. Other materials are also available for the bridge to give different tonal effects. Frassino ash body, Flame maple neck with Rosewood fingerboard, Gmyr custom inlays. Tuners are 2 bass and 4 guitar. Buyers pick-up choice.

The Vector 1

2 pickups, 24 frets, Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bridge. Pickguard in flame walnut

Nautilus 2

Lightly figured mahogany body, 24 fret, mahogany neck with shark fin inlays on Rosewood fingerboard, Rockinger tuners.


Smaller size S body. Dimarzio Fred pickup, one alnico 5 single coil, one bellcat blade. Standard trem unit, with Gmyr setup. G&L safety post tuners

Gmyr Relic

Standard S shape, with 50’s style slope and tummy cut. 22 frets, Vintage style Alnico 5 single coil pickups, Standard trem with Gmyr setup, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard dot inlays.

The Barbalien

30 bronze frets, 25.5 scale, Gmyr custom inlays on Rosewood fingerboard, Flame maple neck, Sperzel tuners, Gmyr custom hook in style fixed bridge with fully adjustable Ti saddles buyers pickup choice.

The Barbalien

30 frets, single pickup. AAAAAAA figured walnut one piece slab. Pickup is a Lollar Charlie Christian model, 7-piece laminated walnut and purple heart neck. Rosewood fingerboard with Gmyr inlays.


One-piece body and neck, Sapele mahogany, Mr FAB single coil blade pickup, custom design. Gmyr design hook-in style fixed bell-bronze bridge with Titanium saddles.


Hand carved Flame maple top with scroll, figured mahogany back, Gmyr hook in style fixed bridge, Bell bronze with Ti saddles. 24.75 scale 24 bronze frets Gmyr inlays on Rosewood fingerboard. JBE custom covered pickups, Sperzel tuners…….(THIS GUITAR IS UNFINISHED, WAITING ON PARTS)

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